Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

In his “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” presentation, Tom shares simple concepts that can help anyone become financially independent. Not only can people become very wealthy using these tips, research shows they will also likely be much happier and even live longer! Most people think you have to make a lot of money to become wealthy, Tom shows how it is NOT how much you make that counts, it’s how much you keep. Spending less than you earn, investing in appreciating assets, having an emergency fund, and protecting your blind side with insurance products can allow nearly everyone to become financially successful. Tom shows how poor planning, procrastination, credit card debt, divorce, and a failure to understand the Opportunity Costs of purchases doom many people to a life of financial stress and unhappiness. This is a presentation you don’t want to miss!

Key Takeaways:

  • Simple steps that nearly ANYONE can take to become financially independent
  • The importance of being financially prepared for an emergency
  • How clients can manage good debt vs. bad debt
  • Common mistakes people make that can hurt their financial health
  • And much more

Agenda, subject to change:

  • 10:30: Intros
  • 10:35: Tom Hegna presents: Who wants to be a millionaire?
  • 11:30: Real Wealth® updates
  • 11:35: Q&A
  • 11:55: Closings
  • 12:00: End

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Fixed Annuities are long term insurance contacts and there is a surrender charge imposed generally during the first 5 to 7 years that you own the annuity contract. Withdrawals prior to age 59-1/2 may result in a 10% IRS tax penalty, in addition to any ordinary income tax. Any guarantees of the annuity are backed by the financial strength of the underlying insurance company.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“As usual, Tom is the best! I try to tune in every chance I get to hear him.” -Paul Peele

“3 phases of wealth. Consider doing the seminar offer.” -Ellen Tillman

“Increasing internet marketing as was discussed in this meeting. Maybe another Real Wealth Presentation by the Marketing Guru Tom Suggested. Want more information on the seminar and drip campaign.” -Joseph Aragona

“Showing clients how to save money.” -Zee Glavan

“Great reminders. We do our work every day, not once, so not for DIYers. Good content.” -Rich Slavin

“Reminder of Opportunity Costs presentation and how saving is better than trying to get great ROI’s. Add back previous ideas to current discussions.” -Edward Sanders

“My presentation in 1965 ‘You’ll Earn a Fortune between now and 65’ is still true. Continue sharing. Always something of value in everyone.” -Robert Priganc

“Unfortunately, I signed in late due to personal reasons, only got last part of Q&A. I will get to the next one on time! YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!” -Robert Van slyke

“Value of WL insurance.” -James Garrison

“Plow extra money into a Roth and CV life insurance. IRA, 401K’s, etc are a tax trap! Come in early-Stay late!” -Stan Fortier

“Bond rates, investments inflation hedge, average investor makes 2%, tax diversification. Interested in the drip campaign. Keep doing what I have been talking about & doing with clients.” -David Oldenburg

“Great review of concepts I’ve heard many years ago but have not used in a while. Use some of these nuggets as I visit with people.” -Cornell Svaren

“To help people become millionares!!!!! Concentrate on a niche!!!! Ensure you remind financial advisors of the recordings and how to get them so we can go back and listen again. I took several notes. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!” -Kathleen Travis-Neal

“Good info on E & O, also like debtclock.org, have people look at debtclock.org, study bonds.” -Henry McFadden

“The possible use of annuities instead of bonds. More social media and marketing. Hegna is always inspiring and educational.” -Roberto Corral

“Pay yourself first.” -Cliff Wilson

“Work on educating people more on simply things to do to retire well, & fully prepare for retirement. One thing is taking on some younger clients (our target now is 57 – 70 yr olds, mostly PRE-retirees to catch them BEFORE they retire. However, I use a VUL personally, so educating younger clients on the “2 out of 3″ tax deferred & tax free benefits of life insurance. Tom’s material would be worth presenting – want more info on the seminar package.” -Dudley Otey

“Clever ways to present points that I understand but don’t convey clearly or concisely. Go back to people that I could not convince to to take action.” -Randall D. Reichenbach

“Reinforced need to diversify among annuities, life ins and mutual funds. Counsel my staff and young customers about budgeting and saving.” -Michele Vitale

“We have to be communication with our young clients that they must begin saving early and often. Create some marketing and presentations like this for speaking opportunities.” -Glenn Newlin

“So much learned. Was great at the end when Jim shared how ridiculous it would be if we went to a bank and asked for a loan and when we asked what the terms were they would say to us, oh, don’t worry about that when you need the money we will tell you what that is. People do this every day with 401ks/ IRAs and the future taxes- the government is their general partner in these plans! Talk with more people and set up a social media network to reach more people. Thank You for providing this service. I am just getting started as a financial mentor and these are very helpful.” -Mark Dealy

“Great reminders of items to speak to prospects about!” -Roger Relfe

“Pay yourself first. Be more prudent in spending. -Bruce Murphy

“Effective way to talk to younger clients about money. Talk to everyone about the MINDSET of financial wealth.” -Gina Mills

“Building up cash value life insurance as an additional emergency source. It is good to ask questions. Thank you, Happy weekend and Happy Birthday Jim.” -Gabriele VanderVeen-Prochnow

“Believe in CV life insurance!! Get back to teaching clients the Rule of 72. Might get involved in your Full Service Event.” -Jackie Weinaug

“My primary niche is working with retires doing income planning, but also great opportunity to work with younger people as well. Look at the opportunities.” -David Parker

“Enjoyed the Mountain Analogy. New Truck v Old Truck purchase.” -Danny Nungesser

Anyone can be a millionaire. Build a prospect list.” -Rhonda Paluck

“I liked how Tom presented becoming a Millionaire. Use the presentation when talking to younger clients.” -Raymond Sternberg

“The entire slide, Marriage is hard, Divorce is hard. Chose your hard. All of these are great. I’m up for Full Service Event, Don’t Worry, Retire Happy because I will not get around to doing this myself and it’s nice RWM will do the work for me. This is what I need! I’m not fully understanding what all it entails because it was a quick presentation but I trust it is exactly what I need. I will let RWM work for me!!” -Melissa Dawson

“Great reminders of what we’ve used in the past & forgotten. Concentrate more on client’s retirement goals & get them to enunciate them.” -Steve Milazzo

“More annuities and life insurance.” -Susan Riedel

“Reinforced using CV life insurance as a tax-free source of income ad also as a vehicle for an emergency fund. Ask more people to take charge of their finances!” -Sam Morris

“Helping those with intellectual capital build financial capital.” -Michael Kirsh

“Validates what I have done in building my wealth and protection. Happy Birthday Jim! I want my grandchildren to see this presentation as they start to build their wealth!” -Larry Ricke

“Ask good questions. Be specific with clients on what they must do. Thank you for allowing me to listen.” -Paulette Auclair

“Spend less than what you make. Encourage prospects to save more money.” -Jim Hatlestad

“How connected money habits are to mental health. Keep on using Annuities.” -Brandon Hunter

“People lose when they get things fast because life is long and “Choose Your Hard.” Schedule more Simple Conversations.” -Mary Joseph

“The tax part was especially good – had some helpful ways to communicate with clients on this issue. Interested in the drip campaign for sure, then will confirm for the webinar.” -Rose Sarko

“Move bond holdings to cash value life insurance, when the 30 yr treasury increases, its a sign of inflation. Sell more cash value life insurance and promote annuities more, but continue “holistic” planning.” -John Worrel

“Plan, Plan, Plan.” -Barry Moore