Retirement Planning Overseas

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Retirement Planning Overseas: Personal Delight, Financial Devastation

My client is going overseas – what do I do? Joining us for answers is Stephen Kagawa, 20x MDRT TOT Advisor & international consultant who is focused on global financial navigation. Stephen will share the “Before You Go” considerations so you & your clients know where and what to look for, like treaties, tax consequences and exit taxes. He’ll also make you aware of some critical cultural differences that can make or break communication when making a plan for your clients’ move.

Key Takeaways:

  •  The Challenges of Retiring/Dying Overseas
  • The 3 Things Every Advisor Must Know About Taxes & International Situations
  • The Challenges of Advising and How to Advise a Client Pre & Post Move
  • Multinational Existence & Global Financial Navigation Between Nations
  • Cultural Differences You Must Be Aware Of

Agenda, subject to change:

  • 10:30am CT: Intros
  • 10:35am CT: Stephen Kagawa presents: Retirement Planning Overseas
  • 11:30am CT: Real Wealth® updates
  • 11:35am CT: Q&A
  • 12:25am CT: Closings
  • 12:30pm CT: End

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Difference in life insurance rates between countries. Organize a plan for future ex-pat clients.” -David McCaman

“Tax concerns. Collaborate more.” -Mary Joseph

“Everyone in this business struggles. Ask clients if they plan to live outside USA.” -Tony Betancourt

“The many different things to consider with clients before they decide to move overseas or retire overseas (Treaties, Taxes, regulations, prices, etc). Discovery and collaboration.” -Joe Anthes

“I shed tears watching the Korean Pru video. It’s what we do for our clients. Share info with advisor who’s taking over my practice. Thanks for making presentations thru NAIFA. I did the MDRT on Zoom and I’ll be doing that review all this month too.” -Robert Priganc

“Separate discovery around fact-facts and feeling facts. THX” -Jeff Snyder

“Foreign sales are complicated. Learned a lot.” -Richard Lazarski

“Who to call if you come across an international situation. Seek quality Collaboration. Excellent Programs.” -Joseph Aragona

“The financial services isn’t ready for one world order. Call Stephen Kagawa if opportunity presents itself. Great Guy.” -Edward Bond

“That more people are willing to help you than you realize. Reach out.” -Mary Petrucci

“Difference in tax structures. Ask even more in-depth questions.” -John Wheeler

“Tax treaties & estate laws unsure.” -Joseph Mann

“Ask good questions.” -David Erickson

“A source for overseas business. Just be aware of other markets.” -James Goodacre RHU, REBC, LACP