Innovative Approaches To Life Insurance

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Over 30 years of experience in the life insurance industry means that David Buckwald has learned to stay vigilant for changes that can impact how he sells to and interacts with his clients. If you want to get in on his newest pertinent information, listen up! This Power Session LIVE, David is sharing a landmark decision on regulations for selling life insurance that could soon affect you, but that’s not all – He’s also sharing how to shift your sales techniques to not only keep you afloat through the changes, but to surpass your previous heights! Innovate your thinking on sales with us this month!

Key Takeaways:

  • New York’s critical court case impacting life insurance sales
  • Why and when you may be impacted by this development
  • How you can avoid downtime in your business when updates strike
  • Resetting your view on selling life insurance
  • Sales techniques you can launch now to get ahead of the changes

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“Be more proactive on costs and expense information in policies.” – Gail Van Nest

“STUDY.” – Robert Van Slyke

“Present and discuss charges and expenses and document on files.” – Javier Perez

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