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This month’s Power Session LIVE features Ed Slott, CPA, whose “Instant IRA Success” presentation draws top financial advisors from across the country. Join us May 9th to learn about Ed’s 5-step Action Plan, which will teach you how to protect your clients’ savings from tax risk, investment risk and costly irreversible mistakes. Learn how to create a sustainable and collaborative retirement, tax and estate plan for your clients.

Ed is a widely recognized professional speaker and has created several nationally aired public television specials, including the most recent “Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue! (2013).” He was named “The Best” source for IRA advice by the Wall Street Journal and called “America’s IRA Expert” by Mutual Funds Magazine. He has also the created The IRA Leadership Program™ and Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group™, which were developed specifically to help financial institutions and advisors, financial advisor firms and insurance companies become recognized leaders in the IRA marketplace.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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“Powerful Webinar. Thanks.” – Eric Williams

“Excellent speedy summary of the need to consider spending down IRA money first and all the stealth tax issues. Thanks. Several of my clients have brought up Ed’s PBS shows which leads to business. So, a great thank you to Ed for his work.” – Roger Relfe

“Excellent seminar. Ed Slott is great! Bring him back for more topics.” – James Goodacre

“Great information. Thank you for sharing your expertise.” – Rhonda Paluck

“This is one of the best series of informational webinars available anywhere, period. Great topics and first-quality presenters.” – Terry Klocke

“Lots of useful information. Thank you!” – Larry Sandbach

“I have seen Ed at one of his seminars. He is just as motivational in those as his 1 hour session today. I have given his name to several agents to get up to date with him. He is the best.” – Skip Boylan

“Great information.” – Justin Dockrey

“Ed did fly though all the info, but I very much enjoyed it!” – Janet Colborn

“Great information! This brief one hour webinar was an incredible eye opener into how I can really make a difference for clients and CPAs alike. I can hardly wait to get into this more in depth. This is exactly what I need to take my business to the next level and generate partnerships with CPAs. Thank you for opening my eyes!” – Linda Stone

“Great information that is timely in my market! Ed is a great communicator.” – Dennis Jones

“Thank you for the webinar. Very informative. I will like more information about the July event in Chicago.” – Adebayo Ogunmeno

“Great content in a reasonable amount of time to both refresh and update my knowledge. I appreciate the ideas on where to focus effort and target particular clients.” – Caroline Rearick

“Very informative! Thanks!” – Marvin LeBlanc

“VERY good webinar!!! Have him back again.” – Bruce Siennick

“Thanks again for a great webinar. Ed Slott is just another outstanding presenter as many have been. I hope the word is getting around to all the NAIFA members how timely and important these informative webinars are to help us stay on the cutting edge and help our clients going forward in this complex financial environment.” – Scott Bowhay

“Great presentation!” – Martin Friedman

“This is the first time I have listened to Ed Slott… Wow!! He has brought new understanding to me about how to talk with clients about their retirement money and assets positioning for their use and any legacy they wish to provide. I will be taking advantage of his resources as I continue to meet with all my senior clients, especially the BEST senior clients! Thanks to NAIFA for scheduling this BLOCKBUSTER Power Session Live !!!” – Franklin Walter II

“Great.” – Steven Daniel