Trust & Communication when Transferring Wealth within the Family

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Whether you are selling your ideas to one person, a small group or a large audience, your ability to communicate well is one of the most important factors in success. This month’s Power Session LIVE presentation will focus on how to develop great messages, to deliver them effectively and to connect with your clients to achieve maximum results.

Our guest, Jeff Lanza is a former FBI Agent for more than 20 years and was one of this country’s most utilized FBI spokespersons. He has communicated effectively during some of our most tragic national crisis including the September 11th terrorist attacks and the Boston Marathon bombing. Jeff has participated in hundreds of television, radio and newspaper interviews including appearances on CNBC, The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Larry King Live, Wolf Blitzer and National Public Radio.

Jeff is an award winning speaker who recently lectured at Princeton University and has provided thousands of presentations to associations, corporate boards, and employees of major corporations around the world. His keynote presentation on communication received fabulous feedback from attendees at the exclusive Forum 400 conference in 2014. His latest book, “Pistols to Press”, which explores issues involving leadership, communication and the media, has received critical acclaim from national media figures.

This month’s Power Session LIVE webinar promises to keep our audience engaged! Jeff has a way of presenting his material in a compelling way that provides great take home learning points and just the right touch of humor.

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“Great session.” – Steven Daniel

“Jeff Lanza did a great job.” – Douglas Hallett

“I enjoyed Jeff’s presentation. His key points are good for communication in most industries on every level. Thank you.” – Skip Boylan

“I thought the session was valuable, informative and enjoyable.” – John Waugh

“I thought it was GREAT! Not too long. Not too short. Very informative. Can’t wait to listen to his next presentation.” – Rhonda Paluck

“I thought this session was outstanding! It gave me lots of reminders of how to better communicate our thoughts and ideas to our clients.” – Lance Leonard

“Very good presentation and lots of food for thought to use in our individual practice.” – Carolyn Dannatt

“Excellent.” – Janet Colborn

“Very good, and nicely done. Thanks.” – Lenny Martin

“I really enjoyed what I heard/learned. Thanks.” – Michael Patnode