How to turn headlines into sales

Van Mueller’s newest lemons-to-lemonade sales ideas.

If there was a way to turn today’s headlines into a sale, when would you want to know about it – November 12th, or later? The news is different every day, but one thing remains the same: Van Mueller can turn the lemons of the news into lemonade. 31 time Top of the Table Advisor Van Mueller will be on Power Session this month for brand new sales ideas, no matter the economic environment. (Van reached Top of the Table by June in 2020 – proof that even COVID can’t stop this guy!)

Plus a Legislative Update from Judi Carsrud, NAIFA’s Director of Government Relations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Van’s latest questions that will get you more appointments
  • How to get your prospects to reveal what is important to them
  • An update on the economy and our nation’s debt… and how to take advantage of the issues
  • How to position yourself as a problem-solver
  • Why NOW is the greatest time ever to be an insurance agent!

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Understand MECs better.” -Paul Hansen

“Ask more questions!” -Richard Orred

“Ask Questions!” -David Williamson

“Inflation comments were good & help me to communicate that to clients/prospects I like the fact that 1982 life expectancy was age 80 vs. now 90 (or age 95, one if a couple makes it to age 65 ). Great Job!” -Thomas McFadden

“Practice my questions. Practicing more often.” -Mark Kokosko

“Angela, please call my daughter, Emily. We want to discuss using more of your marketing services. THX!” -Larry Ricke

“QUESTIONS! More and more practice by doing; more review of archives. Excellent, all, including NAIFA update! Thank you!” -Laurie Cameron

“Lighten up! Share my notes with my colleagues. You guys are special and it’s contagious.” -Denny Prentice

“Questions, questions.” -Steven Block

“Questions, questions, questions? Ask more questions and talk less.” -Chuck Foster Foster

“Keep practicing in front of more prospects.” -David Parker

“Questions, questions. Invest in myself.” -Howard Gruber

“The answer to the question “Will social security be there?” -Stephen Fisher

“That I’m going to be happy I joined Real Wealth Marketing. Learn to ask more questions, where I already know the answers. Like drinking water from a fire hose. Good stuff. I’ll have to watch today’s session again to write down all the good ideas.” -Brent Anderson

“Ask questions. Ask more questions during the reviews with clients.” -Raymond Sternberg

“That Jim and Van need to do this road show more often. What a team!” -R Allan Jensen

“ASK Questions! Have clients BUY and you NOT sell. The above two things.” -John Worrel

“Always be asking questions. Start asking questions.” -Kym Housley

“Questions, questions, and more questions! Enhancing some of my questions.” -William Franklin

“Build and develop more guiding questions. Don’t argue, ask a question. This was my first event. Thank you.” -Austin Heintz

“4 pages of the tax return move. Study the return move & review this on replay power sessions. Love your program – great to see each of you again and keep up the good work helping advisors get in alignment and move the ball forward.” -Julie Ann Hepburn

“Questions. Let people discover and allow to take credit.” -Rich Slavin

“The questions!!!!! TALK LESS, ASK MORE! Would love to attend a webinar strictly about PLI, all of its uses – commercial and individual, as well as estate planning ideas for the not-so-wealthy using PLI.” -Armando Paz Jr

“Take a look at taxes. Watch these seminars on the second Friday. TY.” -James Milliken

“Questions, questions. Ask more questions.” -Sara Finkelstein

“Questions, questions, questions, questions. Oh yeah, and then ask some more questions. Duh, ask more questions. I love the way Van asks questions knowing the answer he is going to get, but not making the client feel stupid. As a result of all his practice, he knows the stuff backwards and forwards and basically he says the same thing over and over, which makes a big part of your client interaction simple, repeatable, and yet unique. I am really going to emulate that.” -Mark Pernicano

“Every time I listen to Van, I learn another question or 2 that can help.” -Fady Chaccour

“Practice asking questions. Ask more questions. Thanks.” -Randy Ems

“What’s going on in the industry and how to position life insurance opportunities.” -Barry Moore

“Words matter! Keep it simple and ASK QUESTIONS. I love you guys – have a very Happy Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas Holiday season!!!” – James Van Ham

“Questions, Questions. Ask more questions.” -Lloyd Kull

“IRA withdrawals without tax liability. Going to try to figure this out! Do my homework on tax ideas for my clients.” -Alison Taylor

“The 5 words. Use left pocket to right pocket question.” -Kristen Young

“The art of not moving to solutions too soon. Investigate signing up for your services.” -David Dahl

“Would love your help marketing. Thanks again.” -Ronald Campbell

“Questions, empowering the client to be more responsible for his wealth. Think more about the questions I use and get them to work better. Great job. Thanks.” -Jay Miller

“People want strategies not products. Always been my focus, but this is a simple reminder. Get in front of more people.” -Dan Altmire

“Reminder to ask questions. Ask questions! Thank you.” -Robert Stoltman

“It’s not so much that I learned something new, its great to be refreshed on what I learned in the past.” -Bill Popko

“Everything Van says is great!!! Practice.” -Gail Van nest

“Asking Questions. Ask more questions.” -Danny Nungesser

“Keep it simple.” -Michael Kirsh

“Always learning with Van and Real Wealth. Questions, questions, questions. Great as always.” -Robert Corral

“Review the recording to see what I missed. Ask questions and listen!” -Dennis Jones

“The worldwide increase in debt and its relationship to both inflation and taxes. People need our help! Present more of this information to my clients in the form of questions so that they can see for themselves the financial solutions to their current financial problems. Keep up the great work!” -Joe Anthes

“That I need to be focusing more on social security maximization and learning from Van Mueller how to ask better questions to better assist my clients. Ask better questions. Learn more. I am interested in learning lore about Real Wealth, both strategies and marketing. Thank you for allowing me to attend the session today. I would like to have the recording of this session to see what I missed and also review all of the info. Thank you.” -Leon King

“Learning to use more questions. Great examples in today’s session by Van.” -Delmer Regehr

“Motivation to come out of early retirement. Take a closer look at RWM.” -Jeff Reilly