Prospering in a Post-Covid World

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Prospering in a Post-Covid World

Maximizing productivity and prospering post-pandemic
For the first time in his 47 years in this business, MDRT Producer and Industry Legend Joe Jordan has noticed that people are concerned with their mortality, and in turn, are looking to buy insurance products. Joe will share how to take advantage of this demand that the Covid-19 pandemic created. Tune in to learn how to use a positive mindset and the power of gratitude to shape your practice, and your life.

Key takeaways:

  • How the pandemic didn’t happen to us but for us
  • Understand the system of setting up for prospecting
  • Solutions to the 6 retirement risks everyone takes
  • The pillars of living a purposeful life
  • The power of gratitude and the way to have a positive mindset

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“The thought process of the person receiving care (e.g., the mother-in-law.) Have more empathy for those being cared for.” -William Franklin

“Joe is always good. Call more people I’m grateful for.” -John Wheeler

“Tell stories…they are more memorable.” -Robert Stoltman

“Be service orientated. Make clients & prospects aware of what I can provide to them from a service stand point and not a selling stand point.” -William Riley

“Importance of stories. Incorporate stories.” -Tonya White

“The many ways we help improve the lives of our clients. Deal with the emotional issues first.” -Michael Kirsh

“Gratitude.” -Gail Van nest

“Jim and Angela, these sessions are like going to an MDRT meeting each month. THANK YOU. MDRT SINCE 1975.” -Larry Ricke

“Not a story of #s, a # of stories!!!! Check into Maxwell book intentional living, have more confidence in approaching clients about RELIABILITY of INCOME & need for Life insurance & annuities in portfolio!?!?!?” -Kathy Scott

“Telling stories and incorporating them into the individuals personal situation. Make more calls and tell more stories to help others see what the future might look like for them. Does it look promising or will it possibly be a sad story? A note of thanks to your speakers today! The information was Great!” -Randy Kimm

“Outreach activity. Work at contacting more people. Keep up the great work!” -Joe Swiderski

“Reliability of Income. So much resonates.” -Rich Slavin

“The Aging of the population being the number one issue today and going forward. Should be asking the client “How do you feel about that?” …and not “What do you think about that?” -Joe Anthes

“In gratitude, fear disappears and abundance appears. Be more forthcoming with the consequences of decisions or lack of decisions. Not letting people skip out when it gets a bit uncomfortable.” -Grace Longo

“I was reminded – Storytelling! I’m going to start the Gratitude Friday phone call.” -Tim Williamson

“Brought me back to the reality of why I do what I do for people. Make more calls!!!” -Armando Paz Jr

“Keep up the great speakers.” -James Goodacre

“Not a story of numbers BUT a number of stories. Sharpen the stories and learn about IRMAA. Great session! Joe is always educating.” -ROBERTO CORRAL

“A million positive ideas to share! Call and thank folks more often. Keep on keeping on!” -Charlie Matejowsky

“Retirement is not just assets, it’s income and what to do with that income that is meaningful. Get to know what clients want to do in retirement and then discuss options.” -Barry Moore

“Reminders of the basics and that attitude and mindset is the most important thing to keep me focused on my purpose. Be grateful every day.” -Gina Mills

“Tell stories, and invoke feeling. Contact more people, and invoke emotion.” -Alan Farley

“Thanks for recording this.” -Bill Popko

“Too many good quotes to capture but truly believe “Behave your way to the top.” Encourage more agents to reach out to their customers to just check in to see how they are “feeling.” -Dan Carr

“ROI. Commit to prospecting. Joe is awesome!” -Paul Hansen

“Enthusiasm. Practice more “Gratitude” calls. Another wonderful Presentation.” -Joseph Aragona

“Tell the stories ! Practice with passion !!!” -David Bruno

“IRMMA & SS limits. Practice more gratitude.” -Jim Hatlestad

“Some of his stories and phrases.” -Barry Boscoe, CFP®

“I liked the statement – “buy income invest the difference.” Also importance of getting a true living budget not just the regular expenses. Tell more stories. Good stuff. Also thinking how well this survey was used by you and how we can maybe use surveys like this to get USEFUL information.” -Scott Sylvainus

“Wanting to live a significant life and encourage others to do the same. Reflecting on my purpose and why! Wish I was 35 vs 80.” -Robert Priganc

“Just do it! Whatever is holding you back. Get back on 10 contacts a day.” -David Bridges