“The Conversation” that helps generate AUM and life insurance sales

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“The Conversation” that helps generate AUM and life insurance sales

Preparing succession plans with business owners

Scott Bushkie is a recognized leader internationally in the mergers & acquisitions industry. His specialty lies in providing exit strategies, sell- and buy-side transitions, along with valuation services in the lower middle market. This month, Scott joins us to discuss how to have “The Conversation” with business owner clients about their eventual exit of their business. He also will cover how you can be proactive and preserve your own income by being sure your client won’t take the sale proceeds to another financial professional. After attending this session, you should not only be able to service your business owner clients but be confident enough to market to other business owners in similar situations.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to have “The Conversation” with your business owner clients
  • How to market yourself to other business owners to help increase the amount of deals you can make in this sector
  • Understand the process to sell a client’s business and maximize values throughout the process
  • Learn about the “3 Legged Stool” and how to use it confidently
  • Grow your practice and strategies that aim to make more money with less clients with increased AUM and life insurance sales

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What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“It’s a sellers market in today’s economy and why some business owners fail when selling their business. All good.” -Zee Glavan

“I’m eager to use Scott’s team & program. Add his resources to my practice. Outstanding program(s) & Thanks!” -Michael Garrity

“A terrific idea. Something new to ask prospects and clients.” -R Allan Jensen

“Work with professional.” -Barry Boscoe, CFP®

“M&A from Cornerstone is another arrow in my quiver that I will use to serve people. Just add a M&A question to my conversation – “Is your Business for sale” & “Do you know a business owner that is looking to sell or should be thinking about selling because of age, health, or other issues?” Great content! I’ll have to retrain my brain to move as fast as Scott’s did today. Thanks!” -Thomas McFadden

“Critical Questions to Ask Every Business Owner. Look for businesses that have the income specifications given to possibly ask the critical questions.” -Joseph Aragona

“Business owners really are on the hamster’s wheel. Start the conversation for any size business. Stop at the business.” -Doug Bird

“Good stuff.” -Rich Slavin

“More details about the cycle for selling a business. Ask more engaging questions about the business owner’s exit plan and engage an expert earlier in the process.” -William Franklin

“Good to know.” -Tonya White

“How (and that) I should be talking to business owners now about a future sale, getting ahead of that process and self-discovery. Already making a list of business owners I know.” -Timothy Mayer

“It was right at the start: WHEN DO YOU WANT TO GET OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS… and later presenter said … waiting could risk a lower business value and working an extra 1-5-10 yrs for nothing. Look at my current business owners and see who I can chat with.” -Justin Gauvin

“The presenter was very experienced in this area. Be more aware of this market and look for opportunities to have these conversations.” -Larry Weatherford

“Bring in the team and sell at the top. Start having the conversation.” -Kym Housley

“That there is an M&A market. Look for more M&A opportunities.” -Steve Milazzo

“Importance of talking to business owners.” -Larry Matson

“Helping business owners to think about exit strategies. Have the conversation! Keep up the good work!” -Joe Swiderski

“Set the process in place for clients and don’t lose out by waiting.” -Robert Priganc

“Don’t underestimate the value of one’s business. Get more income streams. Keep up the stellar work!” -Dennis Dean, LUTCF, CLU

“Be proactive in approaching the topic. Make appointments with appropriate business owners.” -Barbara Cottrell

“Start talking to my clients early.” -Geoffrey Wright

“Intro to a couple of business clients for Scott. Helping to resolve at least 3 succession plan clients. Another excellent 2 hrs + spent with Scott and Jim.” -Roger Relfe


“Recent stats. Reconnect with Scott.” -John Wheeler

“Huge opportunity in the marketplace. Start asking the valuation question. Appreciate the invite to this meeting.” -Marty Dooley

“Stats regarding closely held business sales.” -Stephen Fisher

“Team approach works better. Thank you.” -Jeff Reilly

“The strong M&A market and how to capitalize on the timing and opportunity! Talk to business owners about their exit strategy and their retirement, including their current life insurance values!” -Joe Anthes

“Options for discussing business transitions with business owners-love it! I’m going to add questions to my meetings asking if business owners have considered how and when they will transition out of their businesses and that we can help!” -Derek Cockrell