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How much time do you spend convincing clients to save more, or even convincing them to track their spending in the first place? For those clients who get overwhelmed with thinking of their cashflow, how do you overcome that hurdle? David Mozeika presents a great resource for exactly those situations! In this webinar, he will be debuting a tool that can help clients more passively and easily start their cashflow journey, all with an easy to use interface for booking more appointments to act on that cashflow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why clients feel they’re unable to save more than they currently are
  • The psychology of how your clients think about money
  • Breaking down the mental barrier of spending first and saving second
  • How you can get client onboarding rolling, retain clients, and book more appointments
  • The success stories David has created by using the Currence tool

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“Impressive. I love this model.😍” – Tonya White