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Howard Sharfman

Senior Managing Director, NFP Insurance Solutions

Previous Forum 400 President

Howard Sharfman, Senior Managing Director of NFP Insurance Solutions and Founder and CEO of FinFit Life, has been recognized as an innovative leader in the insurance business for over two decades. Forbes recently named him on the 2021 Top 100 Financial Security Professionals. He manages one of the premier and largest wealth transfer consulting and planning firms in the country. Mr. Sharfman’s practice is highly focused on servicing families with multigenerational wealth, family offices, private equity managers and ultra-high net worth advisors. His firm has additional expertise in executive benefits, corporate benefits, general insurance, and risk

Mr. Sharfman’s ideas and concepts have been shared with peers and advisors around the country through many speeches, presentations, and publications. He has been a leading presenter for insurance industry conferences. He has been a keynote speaker at the Canadian Association of Life Underwriting meeting, a featured guest speaker at the Discovery Financial Summit in Johannesburg South Africa, and guest speaker on two episodes of CNBC Financial Planning Show. In addition, he has been a featured speaker at the Chicago Estate Planning Council, Heart of America Tax Conference, and scores of other industry and estate planning council meetings. In 2018, Howard was a key speaker at TOT, MDRT, Forum 400, AALU, and NAIFA.

He has shown industry leadership by serving as Treasurer, Program Planning chair, Executive Committee member, President and Chairman of the Forum 400. He has chaired AALU’s Business Insurance and Estate Planning Committee and served as President of the MSG, a leading insurance based study group. Also, he has served on the advisory board of multiple insurance carriers that include MetLife, ING, John Hancock, and Pacific Life. Currently, he is a board member of Life Happens and a former advisory board of PartnersFinancial, one of the largest insurance producer distribution channels in the industry. Finally, he was honored to co author the industry’s response to The Honorable Timothy F. Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, regarding The Administration’s FY 2013 Estate and Gift Tax Proposals.

Mr. Sharfman and his team have had the honor and pleasure to serve some of the most financially influential families in the country as a trusted professional insurance advisor and consultant. He has placed or consulted in the placement of over $17 billion of life insurance
coverage in the last decade.

He has also developed professional strategic alliances with several major private banks, law firms, and CPA firms. These alliances focus on a belief that the insurance professional should be a trusted advisor on a professional advisory team. This allows NFP Insurance Solutions to serve clients in the best multi-discipline approach possible.

Mr. Sharfman has been a lifelong numismatist collecting early half dollars since the age of 8.

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