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Mark Pruss

Professional Fitness Trainer and Performance Coach

Sedona Body began with Mark Pruss, a professional fitness trainer and Performance Coach. Mark has worked with a wide variety of clients, from adolescent to top amateur and professional athletes, coaching them to their peak performance. Mark is proud to have worked with athletes that have played in these fine organizations: Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, and over 40 NCAA Division 1 Schools.
Mark was first introduced to energy work after a serious car accident in 1984. Mark travelled to Sedona, Arizona where he discovered the teachings of Dr. David Hawkins. He dedicated himself to the study of Applied and Behavioral Kinesiology, specifically the works of Dr. John Diamond and Dr. David R. Hawkins. Additional disciplines include: Thought Field Therapy® TFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®), Acu-POWER, and PSYCH-K®, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), The Sedona Method®, and HeartMath®.

Mark, who had suffered from depression, soon discovered his depression and his clients’ progress toward wellness and peak performance had not only the adherence to a nutrition and exercise programs but also what was happening in the mind and heart. Well-defined goals and objectives and ultimately personal performance were often sabotaged by fears and limiting beliefs. How could these ways of thinking be neutralized and reprogrammed – allowing the mind and body to become healthier and maximize performance?

The answer has been developed within several programs…The Sedona Body Mastery Program for personal wellness, The Intentional Athlete Series offered through Sedona Sports Performance, and Selling in the Shift for Sales Professionals.

Mark designed the program to offer distinctive, customized strategies that produce lasting and permanent mental, emotional and physical change, engaging the heart and the spirit along the way.

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