The 5 W’s of Chronic Illness

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Have you thought about life events that your clients can’t plan for? Dr. Bob has! Robert Pokorski, MD, Vice President & Medical Director of Individual Life Insurance at Prudential is an expert on aging, with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Dr. Bob has been featured in several publications, including SmartMoney magazine and Financial Advisor magazine, and is committed to working with financial advisors like you to help your clients understand the need for longevity planning.

Join Power Session LIVE with special guest, Dr. Bob as he shares the “5 W’s” of chronic illness, which can threat and disrupt your clients’ retirement plans.

What you’ll learn:

  • Actionable strategies to help your clients be prepared to face financial challenges in retirement
  • How to start the conversation with your clients
  • How to differentiate yourself with longevity planning skills


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“Thank you for an informative webinar.” – James Goodacre RHU, REBC

“Very good webinar and very informative. Thanks.” – Tim Hayes

“Great information! Thanks.” – Scott Johnson

“Great presentation. Thank you.” – Susan Lawson

“Liked the concept of starting with $1mill and then visiting about 8 pre-shockers “ways to replenish the pot.” I got two full pages of notes in a short time. Thank you.” – Russell Schwichtenberg

“I appreciated the content and can use it with clients immediately. My first one of these- successful!” – Jennifer Shepley

“Excellent webinar with easy-to-understand concepts.” – Lea Sommers

“Good topic and presenter.” – Woody Syverson

“Nice presentation that leads the audience/individual through insight to conclusions to which insurance is an optional, but obvious answer.” – Skip Boylan