The Main Street Philanthropy Experience

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Would you like to breathe life into your practice and the lives of your clients?  Would you like to create an environment that fosters deeper communication, trust, and engagement of the families you serve?

After nearly 20 years serving the financial needs of families, Ryan Ponsford, this month’s Power Session LIVE guest, could no longer overlook that fact that his most successful clients were “succeeding” at the inevitable expense of their most valuable asset, their own families.  When wealth transferred to heirs, fortunes were squandered and relationships destroyed.  He also recognized the impact this would have on the long term well-being of his firm when assets walked out the door.

Several years into his journey to solve the problem, Ryan recognized that lessons could be taught, lives could be transformed, and relationships could be built all through an intentionally designed giving experience.  Since then, he has been guiding families, advisors, corporations, and youth across the country through his Main Street Philanthropy experience.

Join Power Session LIVE for a meaningful discussion from which you will gain:

  • an understanding of risks you face that assets will leave your firm when wealth transfers to heirs
  • insight into what your clients are most worried about
  • thoughts and ideas on how you can enhance your practice, your client experience, your community, and your own life by changing the way you view philanthropy

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“A very interesting approach that seems to engage families in a more natural manner!” – Joe Anthes

“I enjoyed the webinar. Thinking outside the box!” – Gail Dodd

“Great presentation. Wonderful ideas that few can disagree with. The hard part is putting it into actual practice. I am glad that an organization actually exists that provides a structure and educates people how to actually DO something – even if it’s just a small step to begin. I am interested in learning and doing more. Thank you.” – Gerard Goulet

“Very good.” – Tim Hayes

“I enjoyed the session.” – William Riley

“Excellent choice and speaker…no fluff or spin, just positive and to the point.” – Collie Moye

“It was inspiring. I want to learn more.” – Irene Ruotolo