The Prospecting Paradigm

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Get ready to accelerate your business with this month’s Power Session LIVEThe Prospecting Paradigm.

Guest presenters Tom Hegna and Mark Cincotta will be discussing a powerful new prospecting mindset. For years, advisors have been taught to prospect for the sale. This can be frustrating and fruitless at times. They will show you how to prospect for the prospect and create a large funnel where people who are ready, willing and able will call YOU, their trusted advisor!

Tom and Mark will share facts about the money mindset of most people, as well as powerful questions that will clearly identify the behavior types of the prospect.  Once these are understood, it becomes easy to communicate with language that resonates with your client.

Tom Hegna:   Nobody knows retirement planning better than Tom Hegna. Tom is the author of the bestselling book Paychecks and Playchecks: Retirement Solutions for Life which has sold over 45,000 copies around the world. Tom specializes in creating simple and powerful retirement solutions.

Mark Cincotta:  Financial Service Executive and Entrepreneur consulting, coaching, training, recruiting and developing those who get it. Revolutionizing Financial Services!

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“Excellent information. Got a few good ideas to run with.” – Kevin Webb

“Good information.” – Terry Jordan

“Great session…inspiring and motivating! Thank you!” – Y. Britt Gumport

“Back to the basics, but in today’s tech environment. Super webcast. I will be telling our Association about it. Thanks.” – Jim Ashley, CLU, ChFC, VP NAIFA-Kentucky

“All good info.” – Michael Patnode

“I thought this was an outstanding presentation.” – Bill Hammond

“Terrific ideas for communicating with clients.” – Lisa Rydzefski