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What if you could learn from the CEOs of the fastest-growing companies in the world? 

Real Wealth® brings you a taste of MDRT with this month’s Power Session LIVE guest, Lewis Schiff. Lewis is the Executive Director of Inc. Business Owners’ Council, a membership organization for the leaders and CEOs of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

With the economy roaring back from 2009 lows, what skills and behaviors seem to be driving success? From the depths of the Global Recession, author Lewis Schiff has traced the 7 principles that are leading the winners to achieve never-before-seen results. Schiff’s new book, Business Brilliant, uncovered the biggest obstacle to achieving success that has alluded most other wealth researchers. During this talk, Schiff will describe his unique L-E-A-P framework that is proven to create outsized business results, based on interviews with thousands of self-made millionaire households.

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What Advisors Think of this Session

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“Great to hear what the Ultra High Net Worth do and are looking for. Everybody should listen.” – Glen Pier

“Great session. I need to buy his book!” – James Van Ham

“Learned to go against the status quo for learning and get better at what I do best.” – Deborah Koval

“I have some new books to read.” – Mark Pittleman

“It confirmed what I’d been taught in Strategic Coach but in a different way. I have more conviction now.” – Alexander Smith

“Gained a new perspective.” – Woody Syverson

“Hire someone to help you do your business!” – James Goodacre RHU, REBC

“Focus on what you are exceptional at. I need to rethink my 3-5 best network opportunities outside of my field and maximize opportunities for assistance.” – Barbara Cottrell

“Learned to leap, and persist. A must for anyone who wants to improve life for themselves and others.” – Robert Green

“This material was outstanding and the subject matter is excellent. Everyone wants to know how the ultra HNW people did it.” – Bill Hammond