Social Security Strategies

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10,000 baby boomers are retiring today, tomorrow and every day after that for the next 18 years! 

The baby boomer generation is beginning to collect benefits, and Social Security is becoming a hot topic!

This month’s featured guest is Robin Mueller, one of the nation’s leading experts when it comes to Social Security. He’ll teach us a number of strategies to use with our clients as they transition into retirement.

Whether someone chooses to take their Social Security retirement benefit early or delay it, there are a number of items to consider. Should one take a reduction in benefits or an incentive? Robin will discuss items such as the earnings limitation versus need, spousal benefits and quality of life, to name a few.

The ideas shared in this webinar are current as of January 9th, 2015.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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“Great presentation.” – Robert Green

“Learned how to approach the subject with all clients. Another breakeven approach. Very well done.” – Terry Klocke

“Great refresher on SS issues.” – Gina Mills

“Jim Silbernagel is my idol. NAIFA Proud!” – Peter Buechler

“It is always beneficial to hear these concepts and strategies over and over again.” – John Worrel

“The 8 factors to consider were great.” – Rober Lintner

“Great presentation on social security planning.” – Kyle Visker

“Lots of great info on SS. The speaker was phenomenal on this topic.” – Larry Bassell

“Learned the good & bad about SS.” – Mervyn Fried

“Great presentation on educating our clients to make the best choices.” – Lisa Rueth

“Fine tuning on things I know. Keep the excellent webinars coming.” – David Bailey

“Learned more than there is room here to say. The best was the ‘should I wait to take my benefit!’ Can’t wait to hear Robin again.” – Woody Syverson

“Good info.” – Gregory Huffman

“More indepth, helpful infomration; thank you.” – Larry Matson

“Great Sales Ideas regarding SS discussion.” – Paul Prendergast

“Learned a lot of great tips. The eight considerations for taking or delaying benefits. Be willing to send people back to Social Security office if something seems out of order.” – David Theiss

“I learned several things about SS calculations that I wasn’t aware of and some ideas of how to help my clients. Thanks!” – Scott Johnson

“Confirmed my prior knowledge. Great material.” – Steve Lenzner

“Learned a lot about Social Security benefits. Great session.” – Dave Holdinghausen

“Good info.” – Sean Kelly

“Very good information on Social Security, learned key phrases and topics to pursue more information on.” – Kevin Krusenoski

“I can tell Robin is excited when talking about social security. Excellent.” – Jim Hatlestad

“Excellent presentation. I do social security presentations myself so this was great.” – Kendra Bronstein

“I need to know more about the complications of ss! Great job.” – Joy Morse

“Learned how important Social Security can be in the Retirement Planning process. The presentation was outstanding. Very clearly described to the audience as opposed to speaking “down” to the those in attendance.” – Paul Kaplan

“Easy calculation on consequences of taking early retirement. Truly a hot topic.” – Terry Jordan

“A lot of information. I will need to let soak in.” – John Davis

“Learned that I need to improve my knowledge of and facility for social security discussions with clients. PSL’s R-O-C-K !!!” – Franklin Walter II

“Topic was great.” – Marsha Walls

“Learned a lot.” Ron Cornell

“Learned the importance of knowing information on social security for my clients’ benefit. Robin is a great speaker. Whenever he is speaking at a NAIFA event, I ALWAYS go to his sessions.” – Jay Hinkens

“The speaker clarified the file and suspend strategy for me. Also, the 8 items to consider before claiming Social Security retirement (and the explanations) were very helpful.” – Margaret Aldrich

“Got a lot of great info.” – Ken Nooshi

“Very insightful. While I was aware of some of the strategies it was good to hear the importance that strategies only are as effective as the situations are clients find themselves. Each person is different and we must understand their circumstances and goals first.” – David Fisher

“Marry someone who is close in age to you to take advantage of claim now, claim more later. This was very informative and enlightening, I did not know about many of these options.” – Julie Jensen

“Wow – very informative. Listening to Robin was great.” – Alvin Parra

“Great ideas of re-positioning assets in retirement to avoid a larger tax bill.” – Raymond Sternberg

“Loved the additional info on SS strategies and important SS changes and dates those changes took place. Would love to see Robin live!” – Dave Skutnik

“Learned some social security strategies that will assist me in maintaining that adviser relationship with my clients. In addition, the final thought concerning helping the client to not take the first social security option and challenge them on the amount of benefits received is valuable.” – Jeffrey Andrews

“Need to talk to all clients about S.S.” – Steve Daniel

“Claim now, claim more later. Robin is a great speaker. Keep up the great work.” – Daniel Flees

“More of a reminder of things I know but sometimes forget to use.” – Daniel Lucas

“Great presentation!” – Jerry Brookhart

“There was a lot I didn’t know.” – Destiny Rodriguez

“Learned a lot.” – Thomas Komara

“Learned that educating myself should translate to more income.” – Thomas Garcia

“I learned that there is so much more to know about SS and this gave me a few more places to find some of the answers. Thanks.” – Charlie Reitz

“More clarification of social security.” – Michael Kleen

“Earning limits and considerations of whether to take early or not was great. This was by far the best presentation of Social Security that I have heard.” – Tom Bosshardt

“File & Suspend strategy, really cool!” – Keith Williams

“8 considerations were awesome.” – Sue DeBruin

“Learned about new rules and regulations. Particularly the “Do Over” rule. Excellent presentation on complicated subject, in short period of time!” – Joe Anthes

“I need to become a social security expert and let clients, prospects and everyone I know that I am. We went over an enormous amount of information today, and quickly, I am going to review what notes I was able to take and read the SS website for fin planners.” – William Hammond

“The importance of learning about this and applying it to my practice. Please  continue to get this info out to advisors.” – David Janson

“I have a lot to learn on this.. Great stuff.” – Jeff Diehl

“Loved the break even analysis and the factors to consider when to file.” – Jeff Ruffatto

“Reassured some prior knowledge that I had. Jim’s phraseologies and one-liners that he interjected were helpful. Well worth my time.” – Russell Schwichtenberg

“Learned a lot and need to reinforce it.” – Timothy Wagenknecht