Power Session LIVE “Squared” – Tools for Advisors (Taxbot, LinkedIn, Free Rx)

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Learn how to use and leverage these three tools for advisors to set you apart from your competition and make you more $$$!


  1. TAXBOT: Make Tax Savings Easy!

  2. LINKEDIN: Explode Your Revenues

    • Find the perfect prospects that lead to sales
    • Connect with people who really matter
    • Get leads to come to you
    • Uncover insider information about your prospects
    • Close more business than you ever imagined
    • Use code ‘REALWEALTH’ for a 25% discount on your one-year access: www.powerformula.net/explode
  3. FREE RX: 100 Million Americans are eligible for free prescriptions…Are your clients?

    • Learn about the FreeRX service that provides low-income Americans with free prescription drugs
    • Your clients’ monthly bill could drop to $19.95 for each drug
    • Medicine is sent directly to their home from the manufacturer
    • Take advantage of this service at: www.MemberRx.com


What Advisors Think of this Session

Topic Rating
Presenter(s) Rating

“Loved the Linked in “networking” portion the best.” – Steven Daniel

“LinkedIn- valuable “money” tip. RX- didn’t know about it. Will consider that for any kind of senior functions.” – Mark Rogers

“Practical and helpful services.” – Gina Mills

“All great info. Nice to see what is out there for the clients and to be known as a resource other than financial services.” – John Davis

“Everything was just great. What wonderful tools that I did not know were available. Keep up the great work!!” – Ike Trotter

“I was most interested in Free RX as I, too, have clients with modest retirement incomes yet sizeable assets who may qualify based on income vs. income + assets.” – Jane Harrington-Heide

“Wayne’s presentation was great. Just emailed a client about FreeRx. Excellent as always. Thank you.” – Roger Relfe

“Taxbot was great – tracking the spending and taxes. LinkedIn – learned the importance of a contact who viewed my profile. These are all value-added services to provide to my clients to differentiate me from other advisers. This was the 1st time I joined – I will make time going forward!” – Margaret Remlinger

“I use TaxBot but this updated me on new changes and reinforced the value – I need to do more with LInkedIn and this presentation gave me guidance to do so and tools to help me – I know a friend who may be able to use Free RX.” – Michael Kleen

“Substantial benefit to a wide audience.” – Terry Jordan

“All three presentations were very good. My office is located in a CPA firm and I’d like to show them TaxBot to see if their clients could use something like this. For LinkedIn, I’m on it, but haven’t used it because of the limitations, but I learned some new things today and may start using it more. For FreeRX, very interesting about using it for HDHP and the donut hole for medicare people or even your average Joe who is on a lot of medications. Looking foward to the handouts. I’d like to see more tools like this in the future.” – Marsha Walls

“All the tools look valuable. Most valuable to me is the Free RX for some clients. LinkedIn is very interesting.” – Charlotte Hartmann-Hansen

“Free RX is something that I thought was a myth. I have told clients to contact the drug manufacturer directly and most people have not had any success doing that. I am a first time visitor to this program and I am wondering why I have never participated until today!” – Gregory Ahrendt

“I plan on doing the extra LinkedIn course and looking into the Free RX website. Great information! I appreciate the value provided us by these monthly sessions through NAIFA.” – Chuck Stickney

“Learned that [these services] existed, first of all…..good information to have. I have linked in but rarely look at it due to time constraints…..NOW, I will spend some time on it for sure.” – Elizabeth Pavin

“These are all tools that can benefit my business. I like today’s format that used the hour for 3 segments.” – John Holloway