The Inner Game of Prospecting

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How much is Sales Call Reluctance costing you? The most reliable predictor of sales success is the number of contacts initiated with potential buyers on a consistent basis. Join us as we welcome Connie Kadansky, President of Exceptional Sales Performance, for eye-opening presentation on the importance of consistent prospecting in your business.

Sales Call Reluctance is an emotional hesitation to initiate contact with potential buyers. It is not prospecting itself that creates anxiety in salespeople, but the thought about prospecting that creates anxiety. Consistent successful prospecting is a skill that requires development. Every successful salesperson must move through the four stages of competence when it comes to prospecting, this requires a conscious deliberate concentration, along with adequate motivation and meaningful goals.

This month’s Power Session LIVE webinar will include:

  • Three critical behaviors of effective self-promoters (selling yourself)
  • Confronting Call Reluctance
  • Types of Call Reluctance that cost big bucks and the loss of confidence
  • Techniques for Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance


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“Very good.” – John Field

“Good session.” – Rick Hasler

“Excellent information.” – Steven Helling

“Great subject that I needed help with.” – Dennis Jones

“Good information about prospecting. I would love to have the book she mentioned. Although I am pretty good at prospecting, I need help in asking for referrals. This definitely was a valuable webinar. Thank you.” – Navreet Kang

“It was excellent.” – R. Terry Lawson

“This was a great webinar.” – Lea Sommers

“This was absolutely wonderful. I would like to see more of these types of webinars, even though we know some of these things, it is good to have positive reminders and create enthusiasm. Thank you so much for a very worthwhile and valuable session.” – Bonnie Walker

“Great presentation.” – Tim Hayes