Don’t Worry, Retire Happy (UPDATED for 2022!)

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Don’t Worry, Retire Happy

How to sell your clients on creating their happiest retirement

Mark your calendars, because on July 8th we’ve got retirement legend Tom Hegna sharing his revolutionary presentation “Don’t Worry Retire Happy” on Power Session LIVE! Help your clients avoid living a just-in-case retirement and enjoy the fruits of their labors! Tom shares how to help your clients get the most out of their retirement whether they are long time savers or late to the game. “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy” can be the missing link between what you have planned now and what your clients really need to help make their retirement dreams become reality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the 7 steps to retirement security and how to best implement in planning
  • Simplify your approach to getting clients on board with planning
  • How to make the most from the least with the smallest amount of risk
  • What actions you can take to be your client’s support system through the planning process


  • 10:30: Intros
  • 10:35: Tom Hegna presents: Don’t Worry, Retire Happy
  • 11:30: Real Wealth® updates + announcement of new service package
  • 11:35: Q&A
  • 12:25: Closings
  • 12:30: End

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“LOC with reverse mortgage option.” -Jan Cantley

“QLACs to delay RMDs. Work my book more, looking at income. Thanks for having me for todays session.” -John Ernst

“QLAC.” -Robert Rifkin

“Learning – use as bond substitute, longevity credits. Revisit material I previously purchased from Tom but have been sitting there without use or learning.” -Tonya White

“It’s income and not assets that are important in retirement.” -Anis Ahmed

“What language & words to use. Will use the presentation.” -Nilesh Bajaria

“I’m doing this right. Buy Tom’s books and distribute them. Keep up the good work.” -Christopher Barnthouse

“You folks do a great job for NAIFA members, thank you.” -Thomas Brophy

“This was repeat performance for me but I love Tom & wanted a refresher, the webinar he is doing sounds great.” -Shelley Bullock

“Income planning. Sign up to learn more. Thank you.” -Andrea Burckhard

“Talk to everyone about SS first. We need to get you a playcheck.” -Dan Cairns

“Opportunity. Go to Good job.” -Phillip Chambers

“I always come away with something new from Tom’s presentations. The 7 Keys were my big takeaway this time. Revise my current presentations.” -George Cheatham

“That I probably need to revisit Tom’s books again. To pick up some very good verbiage to say to clients. I am going to push hard for guaranteed income annuities to pay the bills and building protection for increases in expenses in the future.” -John Davis

“I am going to do his presentation in October. I will be putting together a list of invitees. All good.” -Dennis Dean, LUTCF, CLU

“Don’t leave money to your children, leave them a life ins policy. What is Social Security? Pension? An annuity with guaranteed income! I am completely new at this, currently I am an assistant to a financial planner and I am quickly learning all I can to provide support to him. This is all very interesting and I can see how you all have made insurance a “tool in your toolbox for financial planning”. Wish I knew this 30 years ago.” -Claudia Dinel

“Doing the right things.” -John Endriss

“7 steps to happy retirement.” -Zee Glavan

“Simplicity of discussions. Be more thoughtful and intentional about using topics as outlined by Tom.” -Daniel Gomez

“Use the products as tools only. Take advantage of the seminar offers. Loved your program!” -Ronald Haddad

“Lifetime income in retirement is the primary goal for a happy retirement. My focus is always on helping people plan for a comfortable retirement by securing guaranteed income through annuities. Thank you for Tom’s wonderful presentation!!” -Steven Hennessy

“Qlac and delaying Social Security. Going to research the creditor issue for the State of Oregon.” -Kym Housley

“”Paychecks and playchecks” – Love it! I am going to call you guys to see what you all do.” -David Kay

“All of it. Can’t hear Tom enough! Consider using RWM for the Hegna presentation. Contact me the week of 7/18. Thx for all you do!.” -David Kikoen

“I have seen the presentation before, but like hearing the language and concepts again. Considering gifting the book to top prospects, maybe using the webinars.” -Ken Lake

“Using a third party presenter to present your ideas to your clients and prospects. Revise my client/prospect conversations.” -Robert Lamb

“Using annuities as the bond part of a portfolio.” -James Linenger

“Flexibility for use and need of annuites. Organize my resources and review client positions to then sit down with them and discuss needs!! Nice job all 3 of you did! Thank you.” -Richard Linsday

“Always a good review of Tom’s ideas and language. “Buy income and invest the difference.” Take advantage of program. Thanks for all the great sessions!” -John Mackarey

“Reverse Mortgage. Marketing on social media.” -Shams Merchant

“Take Longevity Risk Off the Table and Must have an Annuity in planning for Retirement. Get better at communicating truths about Annuities and Guar Income streams.” -Javier D Perez

“Great reiteration of Tom’s presentation. Using his language. Thank you very much.” -D Peterson

“Finally sank in about maximizing social security benefits. Share more.” -Mary Louise Petrucci

“7 steps is a great outline! Show more people the benefit of cv life.” -Thomas Pignatiello

“Tom’s 7 Steps as reminders.” -Robert Priganc

“Replace bonds with annuities. Order from Angela is GREAT!” -Edna Rachal

“Annuities are not bad. Talk to people about guaranteed paychecks.” -Delmer Regehr

“Motivation and opportunity. Thinking about doing the client event package.” -Jeff Reilly

“Reinforcement of my approach and much learning. Pretty much the same with a well established successor.” -Roger Relfe

“Was a good refresher.” -Frederick Saide, Ph. D.

“The practical use of reverse mortgages. Leverage this tool better.” -Mark Schumacher

“That I can personalize Tom’s Book to send out to clients and that this seminar is available for them to watch online. Use more third Party influence to support my Advise. Great program.” -Kimberly Thompson

“The validity of the “guaranteed income should fund fixed expenses” mantra. Capitalize on my firm’s suite of income annuity products earlier in the retirement planning phase of our relationship.” -John Unterreiner

“Certainty provides confidence. Move bond allocations to FIAs in managed accounts. Will sign up for the Concierge Event Package. Thank you!” -Charles Welde

“Good reviewed of the 7 steps.” -Tony Woelfel

“Many great things. Excellent session.” -Arun Misra

“Always enjoy Tom’s presentations; inspiring. Reach out to clients on the concepts.” -Gail Van-Nest