Taking Advantage of Tax Laws

Tax hikes are scheduled for 2026, only 2 years away, and taxes are already many people’s largest expense aside from their mortgage. Are you prepared? Join this webinar to hear from Founding Partner of C2P Dave Alison on how you can save on taxes, both for yourself and your clients!

Key Takeaways:

  • Updates on upcoming tax law changes
  • The impact these laws will have on you and your clients
  • What the best tool is for getting ahead of tax hikes

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Helpful Resources:

  • Download the slides from this session! This material is copywritten and is not for redistribution. If you would like deliverable versions of some of the slides, email Andrei on Dave’s team at ahenson@c2penterprises.com
  • Learn more and potentially receive a free invite to Dave’s Tax Management Journey training in February 2024
  • Check out the book “The Bucket Plan”, named a Top 10 Retirement Planning Book for 2023 by U.S. News and World Report
  • View the U.S. Debt Clock to share with your clients!
  • If you’d like to collaborate with Dave and his team at C2P, email him at dalison@c2penterprises.com!

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“Thanks for the information, great presentation and insights!” – David Bruno

“WOW. Thank you so much! Great session!💖” – Tonya White

“Not all dollars are taxed the same.” – Ash Sheth

“Start talking more about saving of taxes through planning.” – Geoff Wright

“Simplify my message about income taxation – ‘forever taxable vs. never taxable'” – Barry Kozak

“Talk more about taxes in retirement distribution planning.” – Bob Mance

“Continue working with Trusted advisors. Learned more about how they look and conduct business. Thanks for always bringing professional ideas to us.” – Robert Priganc