Is the solution enough?

Family is often one of, if not the, biggest reasons that prospects seek out financial coaching, both in taking care of their family and leaving a legacy. But, is simply deciding on a one-and-done financial solution enough to ease their concerns? This month’s presenter Angela Kennedy-Robinson puts into perspective the impact of long-term care solutions and tools on how to better your business in the aging arena.

Key Takeaways:

  • A check up on the state of long-term care
  • What underutilized parts of financial planning your clients may be missing out on
  • How to take advantage of these tools to better prepare your clients for the future

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“Angela has touched upon a thought provoking issue. She has true passion!!” – Gail Van Nest

“Thank you for inviting me to your broadcast today. It was fantastic and very timely for the transition that is taking place in my business!” – Larry Matson

“Love that — ‘When the Finances are fine, but the Family is not'” – Mark Rogers

“Good information today.” – Roger Lintner

“Thank you for your time and stories today!” – Laurie Cameron

“That there are others that really take the time to get to know their client and provide real value beyond just FP-ing.” – Chris Everett

“I will re-start my LTC business as the demand is greater today than even 10 years ago!” – Mark Rogers

“Best Session I have heard in a while!” – Robert Leger

“Just great information! Really appreciate these sessions!” – Joe Swiderski